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  • The Kosmograd Newsfeed is a blog on the themes of architecture, technology and urbanism. It is based on the concept of the city as a 'consensual hallucination', a shared dream, whose boundaries and parameters are therefore mutable and every changing.

    Areas of enquiry

    A loose list of areas covered in the Kosmograd newsfeed include:

    JG Ballard, disurbanism, Soviet space program, Buran, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, The Radiant City, Broadacre City, Mikhail Okhitovich, generative design, procedural software, De Stijl, modern movement, James Joyce, utopias, launch tower typologies, urban cartographies, Sotsgorod, Mega City One, Ernest May, iconography, city branding, Mars, 2001, Baikonour.

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  • Kosmograd Superfice

    Superfice is the online design portfolio of Kosmograd, featuring selected works of the last five years.

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  • Kosmograd creates apps for desktop, web and mobile devices.

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    Triade Triade


    iPad and Android app for making triangulated images.

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